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Evergreen Nursery



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 Evergreen Nursery - San Diego's Largest Garden Center


If your shopping excursions in search of nursery and garden supplies are focused primarily on your nearest big box retailer or discount house, you might want to reconsider your choice. With big box retailers, you are missing out on the experience of local nurseries; nurseries offer the complete range of possibilities to develop your landscape or garden to its fullest potential. Evergreen Nursery isn't your every day, garden-variety nursery center. Those discount wholesale locations might have half an acre of growing grounds or an outdoor extension displaying their collection of gardening supplies that were trucked in from other regions. At Evergreen, San Diego's Largest Wholesale Nursery open to the public, you have up to 80 acres of actual growing grounds to peruse, your car is your shopping cart, and you'll shop amid professional as well as hobbyist landscapers and gardeners seeking the right Palm Tree, Rose Bush, Top Soil, Fruit Tree, Shade Tree, Groundcovers, Mulches, Bedding Plants, Flowers, and Drought Tolerant Plants for their projects.

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