Seminar Schedule 2017 | Evergreen Nursery

Seminar Schedule 2017

Hands on Talks & Tours with Evergreen’s Garden Experts
Seminars are usually held on the first Saturday of every month (no seminar in December) at 10am, with extra seminars during the Spring.
2017 SEMINAR SCHEDULE  (2018 schedule below)
We are now offering our free seminars at our Blossom Valley location as well! 

November - Four Seasons Gardening

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy your garden throughout the year? Find out how you can create a garden that looks beautiful in all four seasons. Yes, even winter can provide amazing color and contrast in the garden  

Each seminar is approximately 1 hour long. Come to the location nearest you!        
Seminars are free and refreshments will be provided.
Seminar attendees will receive a coupon for an instant discount for any purchases made the day of the seminar!    
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DECEMBER - It’s Christmas time

No seminar this month but still come out and choose one of thousands of Christmas trees we have available every holiday season. Pick up holiday favorites like poinsettias, wreaths and garland.



JANUARY 7thPlanning, Feeding, and Pruning Your Garden in The Winter
If you love gardening then you love San Diego. We are fortunate enough to be able to be outside in our garden all year long. Lots of people are buried in snow while we are able to do the feeding, planting, and pruning necessary to have that beautiful garden throughout the year. We will discuss all these things and more.
FEBRUARY 4th Debunking common garden myths, plus learning some new tips & tricks
Dealing with all those rumors. Are you not sure if you are doing the right thing in your landscape or if you have the right plant in the correct spot? This seminar will look at the common myths of landscape maintenance and some different plant choices. Plus, learn some great tips and tricks to maintain your landscapes with less effort and more wow!
MARCH 4TH - Choosing and Caring for Fruit Trees
How to choose, plant, and grow stone fruit trees. Fruits of topic will be: apples, apricots, figs, nectarines, pears, peaches, persimmons, plums, and pomegranates
APRIL 1st - Starting a Vegetable/Herb Garden
What does it take to grow your own vegetables and herbs? Learn the best techniques for growing in containers, or raised beds, or just planting directly into your garden.
April 15th - Top 20 Easy Water Wise Plants: 
This seminar will look at 20 really easy plants that everybody can grow. These no fuss, low maintenance, & water wise plants will shine in your garden and make you "grow" to love them.
May 6th - Gardening Seminar Just For Kids (6-12 years)
This seminar is ideal for kids who love to garden and love to get dirty. Each student will bring home a color bowl that they’ve planted with flowers. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Excellent Mother’s day gift!
MAY 20th - Waterwise Landscaping with Succulents and Natives
Create a beautiful landscape with succulents and natives without it looking like a desert. Yes, it can be done and you’ll also use a lot less water.
JUNE 3rd All About Roses
Come see and enjoy our huge selection of colorful roses and become a garden rose expert. We would love to see some of your “best” roses, please bring ‘em in and show ‘em off and share your own secrets of success!
JULY 1st - Summer Color & Fragrances for Your Garden
You will be amazed at the many different choices of color and fragrances for your garden. Learn how to choose the right color for your yard and your micro-climate.
AUGUST 5th - Prescription Landscaping 
An interesting look at some unsuspecting ways your landscape can improve the health of you, your family and the planet with different plant choices and placement. 
SEPTEMBER 2nd - Citrus & Avocado Varieties & Care
How about some fruit, fresh off the tree? Wow your family and friends with your delicious fruit right from your yard!! You will learn all about your favorite citrus and avocado varieties and the best way to care for them
OCTOBER 7th - Waterwise Landscaping with Succulents and Natives
Create a beautiful landscape with succulents and natives without it looking like a desert. Yes, it can be done and you’ll also use a lot less water.



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